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Boy Meets World Sequel To Air in 2013

Submitted by on February 14, 2013 – 4:50 pm

boy-meets-world-logo2Remember the beloved hit American TV show Boy Meets World? During the now-defunct 1990s “T.G.I.F.” lineup, kids would plop down on the couch with their parents and patiently await their favorite show of the night. Boys wanted to be like free-spirited Sean, even though deep down they really wanted to be like wholesome Cory – who, after all, gets the girl. Little ladies everywhere went from thinking Topanga was strange and off-beat during her younger hippie days — to seeing her as the epitome of perfection as she grew into a gorgeous teenager. Plus, Cory and Topanga somehow managed to maintain a long-term relationship while (kind of) keeping the rest of their lives balanced.


The Sequel Series

It’s thrilling that 2013 will see a Boy Meets World sequel television series, adorably named Girl Meets World. Where have our friends been all this time? Well, they’ve been getting married and having a little girl of their own (the “Girl” in the show’s new title). Cory, Topanga and all their fans couldn’t be more excited about their little bundle of joy – the show, that is. Why is Girl Meets World finally happening after months of talk, though? Plus, what can viewers expect from the new and improved World? While the new series promises to be as entertaining as the original, it’s certainly grown with the times, just like its fans have.

Editor’s Note: Rowan Blanchard will play Riley, daughter of Cory and Topanga – the “girl” in Girl Meets World. No premiere date has of yet been announced for the new series.

Not So Fast!

While the rough times are now behind us, Girl Meets World almost didn’t happen. The executives at the Walt Disney Company were excited to pitch their new show idea, but Michael Jacobs, the creator of Boy Meets World, immediately said, “No way.” Feeling like he was lucky enough to be so successful the first time around, Jacobs wasn’t positive he could pull it off again. While he wanted to create a Coming-of-Age show that spoke to the new generation, he thought a Boy Meets World sequel would be more “reunion” and less “fresh idea.” What finally wooed Jacobs to the other side? He loved the idea of focusing the show on Cory and Topanga’s daughter instead of solely on the old cast. Now, viewers can follow two story lines: one that the 25 and older generation have already been in love with for years and a second that will grow on viewers of all ages.


Jacobs’ New Vision

The intent of Girl Meets World is to reflect all of the confusions and problems that come along with growing up in today’s world. Since Boy Meets World was set in a pre-social media, pre-smartphone, pre-sharing-your-personal-information-with-everyone-online era, the new show stands to be much different than its predecessor. What Jacobs hopes to remain the same is the type of show Boy Meets World was – one that’s also comparable to shows like Happy Days and The Wonder Years.

What does that mean, exactly? I guess we’ll see. Possibly, though, it means that Girl Meets World will be wholesome overall and safe for everyone’s eyes and ears. On the same note, it won’t step over pressing topics that really need to be talked about.


Guest article by Max Chennault


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